University of Exeter volunteers.

Devon’s young carers enjoy summer break

Fifty-five of Devon’s young carers have had the time of their lives on a holiday organised by students from the University of Exeter Students’ Guild.

The Summer Adventures two week holiday camp provides a respite holiday for young carers aged between eight and 14.

Summer Adventures aims:

  • To provide respite for Young Carers to enable them to reclaim their childhood and think about their future direction
  • To provide the young people with an opportunity to develop confidence and self esteem
  • To allow the young people to build positive relationships with University student volunteers who will provide positive role models and insight into University life 

Activities such as Camp’s Got Talent, orienteering, arts and crafts, sports and many more make the camp an unforgettable experience for the young people.

Student volunteers from the University of Exeter dedicated 6,900 hours of volunteering to the two week project. This equates to an economic value £81,972 in paid work.

"The impact the volunteers have on the local community is hugely significant, providing a service that could not be provided other than through volunteering," says Del Thorp, Volunteering Manager at the University of Exeter Students’ Guild.

"Young carers experience situations which are incomprehensible to many of us, dealing with things which most of us may never have to deal with. Seeing the impacts first hand really hits home how much projects like Summer Adventures have a positive impact on their lives," says Sam Gale and Callum Mackay, Summer Adventures Managers 2009.

Date: 21 August 2009