Members of Exeter University Theatre Company involved in the play 'Chatroom'

Exeter a cut above at Edinburgh Fringe

The drama society from the University of Exeter Students’ Guild, has received stunning reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for its production of Enda Walsh’s play ‘Chatroom’.

Exeter University Theatre Company (EUTCo) is currently performing ’Chatroom’ which depicts the relationships of a group of teenagers who communicate with each other via Internet chatrooms. It explores the themes of suicide and depression and offers the audience surprising humour through its portrayal of the complex and often disturbing relationships between the teenagers.

EUTCo have already received two four-star reviews and one five-star review at the Festival, with further praise from the BBC. ‘Chatroom’ producer Sarah Grayston, who just graduated with a BA English and Spanish from Exeter said, ‘This play reflects EUTCo’s commitment to staging interesting and challenging new projects, and these accolades hopefully mean that EUTCo has enhanced its reputation now and in the future.’

She added, ‘Chatroom’ is both gritty and funny, as well as being highly contemporary. Our driving aim is to convey this youthful vibrancy, and to appeal to young audiences at the Festival Fringe.’

During the chat room scenes, the actors never make eye contact with each other they look directly at the audience. International Relations student, Nic McQuillan, who plays a disillusioned teenager said, ‘It changes how the audience perceives the characters. It also makes you more aware when eye contact is made, when characters interact in the physical world. I think ‘Chatroom’ is a good play to perform because it’s sharp, funny and ultimately has something important to say about modern teenage life.’

‘Chatroom’ is showing at 7.15pm at The Zoo (The Monkey House), Edinburgh until 31st August.

Date: 25 August 2009