The University of Exeter has achieved the Carbon Trust Standard.

Exeter achieves green standard by cutting carbon emissions

Staff and students at the University of Exeter have been rewarded for going green by achieving Carbon Trust Standard certification. The University has measured and then reduced its carbon footprint by 11% over the last two years.

The certification puts Exeter among the top 10 universities in the UK for carbon management. 

The Carbon Trust Standard is the world’s first carbon award that requires an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint and make real reductions year-on-year.

Over the past three years, a series of awareness campaigns and technical improvements have targeted fuel use in the University’s buildings, halls of residences, and in-house transport at all Exeter sites. The University exceeded the Carbon Trust Standard’s expectations for reduced emission of carbon dioxide by reducing the University’s absolute carbon footprint from 24,955 tonnes CO2 per year to 22,221 – a reduction of 11%. Thanks to the positive response from students to the awareness campaign, energy usage per student has also reduced by 8.1% from 1.69 to 1.56 tonnes per year. 

Godfrey Whitehouse, Energy Manager at the University of Exeter says: “Achieving the Carbon Trust Standard shows that the University of Exeter has genuinely reduced its carbon footprint.  This is thanks to all staff and students playing their part in reducing the amount of energy we use. We must continue to operate sustainably in order to keep the Standard as we will be re-assessed in 2 years time along even tighter guidelines. To prepare for this, we are already taking steps to become more energy efficient by making improvements across the campus.”

The University of Exeter is set to invest £1 million in cost effective energy saving projects.  This is part of a long-term commitment to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of its operation.  Recent improvements have included draught sealing buildings, new energy efficient boilers and installing low energy lighting in the sports hall. 

Harry Morrison, General Manager of the Carbon Trust Standard, commented: “Being certified with the Carbon Trust Standard is proof that an organisation has taken genuine action to reduce their direct impact on climate change by cutting carbon emissions. We congratulate the University of Exeter on this achievement and their steps to become a more sustainable organisation.”

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Date: 9 July 2009