Exeter's international students contribute over £88 million a year to the city's economy.

International students contribute £88 million to Exeter's economy

The University of Exeter’s international students contribute over £88 million a year to Exeter’s economy and support 2,880 jobs, equivalent to 2.8% of all employment in the city.

The students, from the University’s campuses in Exeter and Cornwall, contribute over £104 million each year to the wider South West economy, supporting 3,280 jobs across the region.

An independent report published today (Thursday 5 April) quantifies the positive impact the population of nearly 5,500 students from 140 different countries has on its local communities. The report by Oxford Economics evaluates the amount of tuition fees paid to the University, along with spending on living expenses and by friends and relatives visiting from abroad. International students now represent 30% of the University’s student body and pay around £55 million a year in tuition fees.

Since the last similar analysis was conducted in April 2010, the contribution to Exeter’s economy from the presence of international students has increased by 54%, while supported employment has increased by 36%.

University of Exeter Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Neil Armstrong said: "As a leading British and international university, Exeter is committed to attracting the brightest and best students from around the world. For our local and regional economies, it is essential that the United Kingdom continues to welcome international students to its shores. This report shows that attracting such talent is having a positive and profound impact on us all."

Dr Shaun Curtis, Director of International Exeter added: "These figures are extremely gratifying, but of course there are many other benefits that international students bring, which cannot be quantified. In recent years, I have been delighted to witness local people joining us for cultural events organised by international students, such as Chinese New Year and Diwali. Our international students tell us how welcome they feel in the South West and how much they benefit from engaging in our local traditions."

Date: 5 April 2012