Kathie Oakeshott

One Planet MBA graduate awarded first ever Hutton Prize at Exeter

Kathie Oakeshott, a graduate of the One Planet MBA innovation cohort, has been awarded the first Hutton Prize for Excellence at Exeter.

Kathie will be presented with a one ounce gold medal to celebrate her achievement at Winter Graduation on 21 January 2012.

Mr Bill Hutton, a retired banker and businessman endowed the award to recognise and encourage the next generation of young professionals to put ethical conduct at the forefront of business, government and the professions. It is given to the best dissertation or PhD that accords with the aim of promoting good governance.

Mr Hutton, who is also a certified fraud examiner, is passionate about the need to teach, train, encourage and applaud those who seek to detect, deter, disrupt and discipline corporate wrongdoers at all levels. Mr Hutton explained why he believes it is important to reward ethical practice. He said “The basis of good business and good government is to ensure there is transparently fair behaviour. People need to be rewarded on merit and business needs markets that are not skewed by corrupt or unfair practices.”

Kathie’s winning dissertation was based on her final MBA project, working with Sony. During this research she focused on designing a new framework and implementation approach to quantify the benefits to business of adopting sustainable practices, having discovered a gap in both research and practice in this area.

Kathie comments “Business is in a unique position to make a significant difference to the environmental and social problems faced by the world today. However, it is difficult for them to quantify the value of their efforts in this area. This is potentially inhibiting levels of investment in social initiatives leading to negative implications for both business and society. I hope that my new framework will act as a first step for others to build on.”

Professor Andrew Massey, chair of the judges, said, “Mr Hutton made it clear that the award winner should cross the disciplinary boundaries of business and government. Kathie demonstrated a clear understanding of, and commitment to, ethical behaviour and good governance in all its forms.”

Kathie concludes “I certainly wasn’t expecting to win any prizes for my work, but I’m absolutely thrilled that it has been recognised in this way by a prize that was specifically endowed for research in this field.”

Date: 21 January 2012