Professor Mark Overton with student auditors Manuel Trindade, Akshay Narkhede and Lucy Kimberley.

Green Impact awards celebrate staff successes

The University of Exeter has celebrated the contribution of its staff to the environment and sustainability through the Green Impact project.

22 teams from across the University took part in the environmental accreditation scheme, to make their work practices greener.

Together, they implemented a total of 774 new initiatives as a direct result of Green Impact.

Green Impact is run locally by the University, audited by students, and managed by the National Union of Students. As well as celebrating the teams that have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold status, a number of special awards were given in recognition of excellence in this area. The Awards Ceremony was held in Reed Hall on 26 June and brought together the Green Impact teams as well as their heads of services or colleges to celebrate their achievements during this year’s project.

31 University of Exeter students volunteered as auditors for the Green Impact Awards. They were trained by the NUS to conduct audits of the teams that entered the awards. As well as providing them with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of environmental auditing, this also enabled them to gain insights into the way the University is run and develop useful skills for their future careers. 

University of Exeter Deputy Vice-Chancellor for External Affairs, Professor Mark Overton said: “The Green Impact Awards celebrate the commitment our staff and students demonstrate towards improving our environmental performance. Highlights from individual teams include removing inefficient cosmetic lighting from under cupboards and an innovative approach to food recycling. Congratulations to everyone who is helping to make the University of Exeter an organisation that is known for its environmental and sustainability achievements.”

Working Towards Award: Admissions

Bronze awards:

  • Fresh Ideas
  • Holland Hall
  • Cornwall UK Student Recruitment
  • Egenis
  • Research and Knowledge Transfer

Silver awards:

  • Reed Hall
  • Exeter Halls
  • Procurement

Gold Lite awards (new category this year, focusing on energy, water and laboratory-specific criteria):

  • Physics Labs
  • Harrison Labs (CEMPs Labs)
  • Graduate School of Education

Gold Awards:

  • Business School
  • Education Enhancement
  • Estate Development Service
  • Green Belters
  • Team Green Sports (Sports Park Streatham)
  • Executive Suite
  • Strategic Planning and Change
  • Streatham Farm
  • UPP Exeter
  • DARO

 Innovation Award:

  • Strategic Planning and Change

Best energy-saving idea award is for novel ideas for saving energy on campus:

  • UPP Exeter

Environmental Hero award:

  • Shirley Turner (Business School)

Top scorer position:

  • DARO

University of Exeter Sustainability Manager Karen Gallagher said: “Congratulations to everyone who has been successful in this year’s Green Impact Awards. A record 22 teams took part this year and people across the University have shown a real commitment to sustainability and a very innovative approach to being greener. The project has also been a great opportunity for students to become engaged with sustainability at the University.”

Date: 11 July 2012