Professor Neil Armstrong, Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Exeter, and Emeritus President Professor Wang Shenghong, of Fudan University, have agreed to further collaboration

Exeter and Fudan agree to deepen collaboration

The University of Exeter and Fudan University have signed agreements to further collaboration between the two institutions.

Fudan University in Shanghai is ranked as one of China's Top-10 research leading universities while Exeter, a Russell Group university, is consistently ranked in the UK Top-10.

During his visit to Fudan, Professor Neil Armstrong, Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor (Internationalisation), met Emeritus President Professor Wang Shenghong, and signed Memoranda of Understanding, including a student exchange agreement. Professor Wang Shenghong was President of Fudan University between 1999 and 2009.

Professor Armstrong said of the meeting “I was delighted to visit Fudan to formalise Exeter's collaboration with this outstanding university. I am very impressed with Fudan's approach to internationalisation which closely mirrors our own." The University of Exeter has a Project Office based in Shanghai, which will assist in deepening engagement between the two partners in the future.

The President of the Children’s Hospital at Fudan University and the Deputy Dean of Shanghai Medical College also attended the meeting with Professor Armstrong and it was agreed to explore potential collaboration in medicine, paediatrics and sports science.

Student engagement will be at the heart of the Exeter and Fudan partnership, with Fudan and Exeter students studying at each other’s campuses from 2013.

Fudan sent ten students to the University of Exeter’s 2012 International Summer School. During his meeting, Professor Armstrong announced that five scholarships would be made available for Fudan students to attend the 2013 programme at Exeter.

Date: 19 November 2012