Towards the gold by Pery Burge.

Artist-in-residence celebrated through Forum exhibition

The University of Exeter is displaying new work by Pery Burge, artist-in-residence at the University’s College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

From 5 October, The Forum at the University of Exeter will host … the pattern is new in every moment

The exhibition includes images, videos, and a 3D sculpture combining a unique mixture of light, bubbles and fluid.  

For the last year, Pery Burge has been Leverhulme Trust-funded artist-in-residence at the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.  She has experimented with inks, water and other fluids to explore natural processes, creating images of fluid flow by photographing or filming the ink as it moves on and in the water. She also photographs the patterning of light on glass.

Much of the work on display is the outcome of her collaboration with University scientists, engineers and technicians.

Pery Burge said: "Working at the University has given me the opportunity to develop some exciting new techniques, with some surprising results. University technicians have helped me with using some wonderful equipment in the Fluids Laboratory, and I have enjoyed fruitful discussions with scientists and engineers. The Forum is a beautiful space and I am delighted to have the opportunity to show my work there."

The title of the exhibition is a quote from T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets and the aim is to explore how pattern changes through transformation, modification, self-embellishment, superimposition and decay.  

The exhibition…the pattern is new in every moment  will be in the Forum, University of Exeter Streatham Campus from Friday 5 October to Wednesday 21 November 2012, 8am-8pm. Entry is free

Pery’s residency and this exhibition are supported by the Leverhulme Trust.

Date: 5 October 2012