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How can people, policymakers and the private sector accelerate change?

Exeter debate on 'positive tipping points'

World-renowned experts will discuss the power of "positive tipping points" to tackle the climate crisis at the University of Exeter next week.

The event – "The great tipping points debate" – will take place at the University's Streatham Campus in Exeter on Monday (12 September) from 6pm-7.30pm.

It is fully booked but will be broadcast online.

Speakers will include Professor Ricarda Winkelmann, from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Research (PIK); Johan Rockström, PIK Director and presenter of Netflix documentary Breaking Boundaries; UN Climate Change High-Level Champion Nigel Topping; Sandrine Dixson-Declève, President of the Club of Rome; and Sir David King, Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Group.

"A tipping point occurs when a small change sparks a rapid, often irreversible transformation," said Professor Tim Lenton, Director of Exeter's Global Systems Institute.

"Positive tipping points could transform human societies to protect the planet.

"In fact, the only way left now to meet our global targets on carbon emissions and biodiversity is through positive tipping points.

"The questions to address in the debate include: How can people, policymakers and the private sector come together most effectively to accelerate change?

"The debate will be highly interactive and dynamic, with no long speeches."

The event's speakers also include Dr Helene Hewitt from the Met Office; Keywan Riahi, Director, Energy, Climate and Environment Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis; and IPCC scientist Professor Thomas Stocker, from the University of Bern.

The debate will be moderated by Nik Gowing, Founder and Co-Director of Think the Unthinkable.

To register to join the meeting online, visit

The event is part of a three-day conference called: "Tipping Points: From Climate Crisis to Positive Transformation."

Date: 8 September 2022