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Global Systems Institute (GSI) and Business School researchers will collaborate with industry experts on the systems thinking of climate change and sustainability, and the implications for business

University of Exeter announces ‘sustainable systems’ partnership with JO Hambro Capital Management

The University of Exeter has entered into a strategic partnership with JO Hambro Capital Management to collaborate on new research and executive education in the fields of systemic risk and sustainability.

The long-term agreement will see both institutions work together to enhance understanding on how the latest thinking on global systems risks related to climate change and sustainability can be integrated into company boardrooms across the world.

World-leading climate researchers from the University of Exeter Business School and the University’s Global Systems Institute (GSI) led by Professor Alexandra Gerbasi and Professor Tim Lenton, will explore the systems thinking of climate change and sustainability and the implications for business alongside industry experts from JO Hambro and its sustainable investing arm Regnan.

The partnership started with the sponsorship of the conference Tipping Points: From Climate Crisis to Positive Transformation, a global meeting held from 12-14 September at the University of Exeter that explored ways of averting the climate crisis through positive tipping points.

It will also include an executive education programme that will give executives access to the latest research, data and training to ensure a deep understanding of the science of sustainability.

Professor Tim Lenton, Director of the Global Systems Institute and Chair in Climate Change and Earth System Science at the University of Exeter said: “We are delighted to be working with JO Hambro Capital Management on a systemic approach to climate risk and transformation opportunities. Together we aim to bring the latest understanding of damaging climate tipping points and positive tipping points towards sustainability into their business decisions.”

Professor Alexandra Gerbasi, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the University of Exeter Business School added: “J O Hambro Capital Management is sector leading in its approach to sustainable investing so it’s with pride that we announce a partnership that will help us to develop our world-leading academic research on climate and sustainability, while providing a business context in which it can then be applied.

“Developing academic insights and informing everyday business practice is at the heart of our mission, so we couldn’t be more delighted with this collaboration.”

Andrew Parry, Head of Investments at Regnan and JOHCM, commented: “We’re delighted to agree this partnership with University of Exeter. They are at the forefront of research into climate change and other issues around sustainable systems, supporting this research and ensuring our investment teams remain at the cutting edge of sustainability is crucial to our clients.”

Date: 29 September 2022