Japanese Charity

Caroline Pover (Mathematics & Education 1995)

Alumna on schools tour for Japanese awareness

An Exeter alumna who now lives in Japan is spending six months back in the UK to raise awareness and funds following the devastating earthquake and tsunami there.

Caroline Pover (Mathematics & Education 1995) has spent the past fifteen years living and working in Japan, as a publisher and entrepreneur.
She was out of the country when the tsunami struck in March of this year, following a large earthquake. Caroline spent the next few months fund-raising in the UK and was able to take eight van loads of goods back to effected areas, as well as messages of support and goodwill.
At that time she also decided to start a home rebuilding project and her new aim is to encourage UK schools and community groups to raise funds to build a new home for a fisherman in the Oshika-hanto peninsula. Each home costs a million Japanese yen (about 7,500 pounds).

Some of her fellow alumni whom she met whilst sharing halls in Jessie Montgomery House at Exeter, are currently training for the Birmingham half marathon in October, to help raise funds for the cause.
A qualified teacher, Caroline has spent the last few months visiting schools across the UK.
“I travelled to Japan for a short visit in 1996 and it’s been my home ever since,” Caroline explained.

“When I visit a UK school I spend the first part of the session telling them more about Japan, about life out there and its culture, to try to instil curiosity and interest in it and promote new partnerships between schools.

“I then go on to tell them more about the earthquake and tsunami and the impact it has had on peoples’ lives six months on.”

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Caroline at caroline@carolinepover.com

Date: 13 September 2011