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Research has shown that living near a coast can benefit mental health

Call for artists for commission on how coastlines benefit mental health

Artists are being invited to bid for a commission to take part in an innovative project that will combine science and the arts to explore mental health, starting at the Cornish coast.

Artists have until April 3 to respond to a callout on the REFLECT project, that will use art to reconnect people to the coast that surrounds them; challenging people to explore the link between the sea and our mental health.

REFLECT will take place in and around Bude Sea Pool in North Cornwall in October. Organisers are holding a briefing for people who are interested in collaborating at Bude Sea Pool from 2pm on Thursday March 21st. Email or call 01392724649.

Celia Morgan, Professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Exeter, who is involved in the project, said: “Research from Exeter has shown that living in or near the coast can benefit out mental health. I live in North Cornwall and it’s an incredible area, yet one with high levels of deprivation and rising levels of suicide and mental health. We want to engage residents and visitors using an innovative series of art installations and performances on the theme of the sea and mental health. We hope to challenge people to get back in touch with the sea and use our coastal resource to improve their mental health.”

Alongside artworks, the project will involve stunning installations, soundscapes and interactive experiences and walking and singing groups open to all.

The project will then take place on board and around LV21 in Gravesend, North Kent.

A call out is currently open for 10 commissions:

• A new sound commission by a Cornish artist for a beach hut at Bude Sea Pool
• A new sound commission by a Kent artist for LV21, a unique ship arts venue in Gravesend
• 4 local Cornish artists to decorate benches in Bude
• 4 local Kent artists to decorate benches in Gravesend

REFLECT is produced by Sound UK in association with the University of Exeter and LV21, a former service vessel in Kent that is now a performance arts venue. The project is being Funded by the University of Exeter, Arts Council England and Wellcome Trust.

Date: 18 March 2019