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Marine conservation scientist wins ZSL award

A scientist who specialises in marine turtle research has won an award from international conservation charity ZSL (Zoological Society of London).

Professor Annette Broderick, of the University of Exeter, has won the ZSL Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater Conservation.

The award is given each year for “contributions of fundamental science and its application to conservation in marine and/or freshwater ecosystems”.

Professor Broderick said: “I am really honoured to have been recognised through this award, especially seeing the list of previous recipients, all scientists for whom I have a huge amount of respect. 

“All of my research involves a large team of staff and students at the Centre for Ecology and Conservation in Cornwall and our overseas collaborators, including scientists, NGOs and government agencies around the world, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their hard work, commitment and collaborations over the years.

“My research has focused on understanding and conserving marine species and ecosystems for us all to benefit from in the future.

“We are only now beginning to appreciate the importance of our oceans for the health of our planet, and it is fantastic to see this topic move up the political agenda thanks to the public interest in this area.”

Professor Broderick will receive her award on 11 June at ZSL’s Stamford Raffles Lecture. For more information, visit

Date: 28 March 2019