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Charlotte Sefton

2018 Feminist and Women's Studies Association (UK & Ireland) Student Essay Prize

Congratulations to Charlotte Sefton who has won the 2018 Feminist and Women's Studies Association (UK & Ireland) student essay prize.

Her article "Cartographers of Disrupted Belonging: Sudanese Mothers Drawing Maps of Portsmouth (UK)" was deemed "innovative and important", "sensitive and committed" and "enjoyable and enlightening" by the judges. 

Based on twelve months of ethnographic research, the article explores how Sudanese women living in Portsmouth navigate urban space – in ways that reveal gendered geographies of belonging and exclusion.

By drawing maps of the city from memory, Sudanese women make visible how they are discouraged from certain spaces and encouraged toward others.  Yet at the same time, Charlotte’s analysis draws our attention to how women push back against these imposed geographies in their everyday lives. 

Charlotte's piece will now be published by the Journal of International Women's Studies in early-mid 2019.

Date: 24 October 2018