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Dr Katie Natanel, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Education Incubator award for Dr Katie Natanel and Dr Kerry Chappell

Dr Katie Natanel from IAIS has been awarded a £10,000 University of Exeter Education Incubator grant, along with project partner Dr Kerry Chappell from the Graduate School of Education.

The project is called "Digital innovation in project-based learning: toward a model for praxis". 

This project explores how ‘project-based learning’ (PBL) can be enhanced through digital technologies and creative pedagogies in HE classrooms, which work through face-to-face interaction and virtual learning environments (VLEs). The primary aim is to understand and share how digital technologies can be creatively integrated into project-based learning in a way that compliments, and ideally strengthens, their capacity for deep, creative knowledge production. The project will produce – and relies upon – a cross-departmental/college network of scholars who engage in PBL with some digital tools integration. This network will develop a model of PBL that integrates VLE platforms in a way that maximises their potential to support deep learning, creative knowledge production and ethical communities. This model will be piloted in Dr. Natanel's course 'Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Palestine/Israel', and findings will be shared at an interdisciplinary workshop in summer 2019.

The project will run for 12 months from September 2018.

Details of the Education Incubator can be found here:

Date: 23 April 2018