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Exciting fully-funded opportunity for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in Area Studies to spend a week workshopping in Venice.

Application deadline: February 28, 2022

As a field, Area Studies would seem to possess an unusual number of advantages in the contemporary academy: it is inherently inter- or trans-disciplinary, it offers students cultural capital and linguistic skills which are valuable in the marketplace as well as in the university, and its enclaves serve as repositories of expert knowledge which are of value to state and commercial actors. Scholars working in the field are also often skilled communicators, well used to explaining their parts of the world to the general public as well as to expert audiences.

As generations of graduate students discover, however, Area Studies also seems to be perpetually driven by two tensions: firstly, that it seeks to critique power, whilst feeding off and aiding the institutions it critiques; and, secondly, that the broader academy sees Area Studies as an un-disciplinary field, in which scholars often lose the rigor and coherence of their disciplinary background.

Suitable for: PhD students, Post-docs, and young researchers working in Area Studies, broadly construed.

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Date: 21 January 2022