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New publication: Women's voices from Kurdistan

This new publication is a selection of Kurdish Poetry edited by Farangis Ghaderi, Clémence Scalbert Yücel and Yaser Hassan Ali, a lecturer at Nawroz University in Duhok.

Against the backdrop of war and violence, socio-political repressions, language conflict, and gender domination, Kurdish female poets have been creating powerful work throughout the centuries. This bilingual edition presents for the first time to the Anglophone readers the work of some of these underrepresented female writers who have played an essential - yet often unacknowledged- role in the development of Kurdish poetry. Representing various Kurdish regions and dialects, the poetry presented in this volume touches upon themes such as sexuality, violence, gender domination, intimacy, fantasy, and romantic love.

The translations in this volume are the product of a collaboration initiated among students and members of staff in Kurdish Studies, Arabic, Creative Writing and Translation Studies at the University of Exeter. The project was supported by a grant from the British Institute for the Study of Iraq.

Date: 19 April 2021