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Claire Dunlop

West Meets East in Policy Innovation

Politics Associate Professor Claire Dunlop recently helped organise a conference at Fudan University in Shanghai

Politics Associate Professor Claire Dunlop recently helped organise a conference at Fudan University in Shanghai on 21-22 May. The Social Innovation Research Conference (SIRC) allowed public policy scholars from around the world to come to China to discuss policy innovation and learning from East to West. Claire said: ‘It was exciting to go to this dynamic city and learn from colleagues who are working on similar policy problems – e.g. in health and safety, social policy and economics – in very different contexts. Such events are crucial for drawing out common lessons for policymaking that cross continents and cultures. I was also delighted to participate in the journal editors’ forum which allowed myself and the editors of five other political science and public management publications to discuss our editing experiences and share tips for authors with our colleagues’. Claire will continue to work with colleagues at Fudan to build links with Exeter’s public policy and administration team.

Claire is currently co-editor of Public Policy and Administration. Claire’s trip to Fudan was funded by a University Outward Mobility Academic Fellowship.

Date: 11 June 2015

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