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Festival of Social Science: A fascinating insight into social science and its influence on our lives.

Festival of Social Science: A fascinating insight into social science and its influence on our lives

Members of the public are invited to join University of Exeter academics at a series of events that will demonstrate how our research is investigating the key issues in modern day life.

The events, part of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC’s) Festival of Social Science, take place in public venues in Devon and Cornwall between November 7 and 14. It will offer a fascinating insight into some of the country’s leading social science research and demonstrating how it influences our social, economic and political lives.

An event focused on men’s mental health will take place at Tiverton Sports Centre where there will be an interactive stand designed to encourage members of the public to have open discussions about masculinity and mental health. The event, led by Dr Ali Haggett, will highlight the important role social science research has played, both historically and contemporarily, in the promotion of equality in public health and in informing mental health-care policy – and the role it must now play in future research.

In Penryn Dr Joanie Willett is inviting people to take part in a workshop exploring how individuals, businesses, community groups and voluntary organisations would like to participate in town, parish, local and central government.

While an event at Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery with Dr Nathan Tamblyn will explore how to make life all it can be through mindfulness, and an understanding of how the choices we make radically affect our experience.

An event in Falmouth with Professor Patrick Devine-Wright will look at how to make unfamiliar renewable energy technologies harnessing waves and tides more familiar to the public through the use of photography and mapping.

An interactive exhibition exploring the different facets of the Devon County Mental Hospital is being held at St Stephens Church, Exeter. The event led by Dr Nicole Baur will see memories presented in audio-visual forms and actors representing patients and staff from different eras of the hospital will answer visitors’ questions.

There will also be two invitation only events. Dr Beverley Hawkins will work with students who are looking at making the transition from higher education to university and explore development of leadership skills and resilience in transition. Dr Sarah Cooper and Dr Owen Thomas are running an event for students aged 16-18 looking at how society views the victims of rape and sexual abuse and whether we need a wider investigation into the lack of criminal prosecutions for these crimes.

You can join in the conversation around these events on Twitter using #UoEFoSS.

This celebration of the social sciences takes place across the UK – via public debates, conferences, workshops, interactive seminars, film screenings, virtual exhibitions and much more. For more information about the national festival, please visit the ESRC website or follow #ESRCFestival.

Date: 3 November 2015

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