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Representatives from both sides of the argument will discuss the possible implications of a ‘Brexit’.

University to chair EU referendum discussions

Experts from the University of Exeter are to host a special two-part discussion series about whether the UK should stay or leave the European Union.

Representatives from both sides of the argument will discuss the possible implications of a ‘Brexit’ during the series, which will both be held at the Exeter Phoenix in June.

Open to the public, the events will be led by experts from the University’s College of Social Sciences and International Studies.

The first of the events, entitled: 'Brexit: Would it leave Britain and Europe less secure?' will be held on Wednesday, June 8.

The expert panel will address a series of questions, including what the strategic implications of Brexit would be, whether leaving the EU would really undermine Britain's strategic standing and partnerships, and would it weaken European security and play into the hands of its strategic adversaries?

Panel members include Professor Richard Whitman (Professor of Politics and International Relations, Director of the Global Europe Centre, University of Kent), Professor Patrick Porter (Professor of Strategic Studies, Academic Director of the Strategy and Security Institute, University of Exeter) and Dr James Kearney (Institute for Strategic Dialogue) and will be hosted by Dr Aurel Sari, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter.

It will be followed by a second event on June 15 entitled: 'Are we really European? A round table discussion on culture and identity.'

The panel will discuss the cultural relationship between Britain and the rest of Europe, and consider questions including how 'European' is British culture, whether the British identity is a 'European' identity, and is Britain so different from the rest of Europe?

Panel members will include Professor William Higbee (Professor in Film Studies, University of Exeter) and Professor Simon Green (Co-Director of the Aston Centre for Europe) and will be hosted by Professor Rob Gleave, Professor of Arabic Studies at the University of Exeter.

Speaking ahead of the event, Professor Gleave said: “Everyone who wants to be better informed about the EU referendum should come to these events – there will be an impartial panel for the audience to question, addressing the important topics of security and culture.”

More information about the events can be found on the EU page. 

Date: 1 June 2016

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