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The Italian national elections 2018: What is at stake?

A Public Engagement Event

Chair: Valentina Todino, Italian Cultural Association

Guest Speakers: Gregorio Bettiza, Claudio Radaelli, and Claudia Zucca (Politics, University of Exeter)

Italy goes to the polls on 4 March 2018. In the current stage of European integration and with the process of Brexit-ing under way, these elections are relevant for a large audience: the Italian citizens of course, but also the Italians living in Britain, and the citizens and leaders of the EU countries. The purpose of this event is twofold. First, to provide plain information on the new electoral system, how Italians living abroad can exercise their right to vote, and the options available. Second, to discuss the Italian elections from the perspective of their European and international salience. Populism, anti-politics, and at the same time the possible re-launch of the European ideal: these are not just issues underlying the politics of the Italian elections, they resonate with deeper political changes across the European Union and the UK. To look at the Italian elections in 2018 is also a way to raise more general questions about our identity and international politics. Hence our title: What is at stake in the 2018 Italian elections? Come and join us to find out more. We asked three university lecturers to kick off the evening with plain-language presentations, and to share with us their perspective (including why not fears, doubts and hopes!) on these forthcoming elections, as seen from Exeter, UK. Their introduction will be followed by Q&A from the public. We invite all university students, staff and citizens.

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