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World Order Workshop

Dr Bice Maiguashca, Dr David Blagden, Dr Lee Jones, Dr Gregorio Bettiza and Dr Beverley Loke present their ideas on World Order(s) in Crisis?

CAIS (Centre for Advanced International Studies) organises a one-day event entitled “World Order(s) in Crisis?” bringing together some of the most prominent scholars in the discipline.

On Wednesday 9 May 2018, the University of Exeter’s Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS) brought together scholars from diverse theoretical backgrounds and with different geographical expertise, to address pressing questions over the course of a one-day workshop entitled World Order(s) in Crisis?

Leading scholars examined questions on whether the current world order is experiencing a crisis or processes of transformation, and locating the drivers of change of these crises. Issues examined included the rise of nationalism and populism, new trends in globalization and transnationalism, the legitimacy deficit of elected and un-elected elites, the new appeal of radical ideologies, the erosion of global governance institutions and liberal norms, migration flows and politics, climate-change and the future of liberalism and capitalism.

Professor Doug Stokes, Director of CAIS commented: "This conference brought together leading scholars to examine issues of global significance and helps further cement Exeter's global reputation as a university that is at the forefront of research and teaching on these pressing matters".

The conference organisers were Professor Doug Stokes, Dr Gregorio Bettiza and Dr Stephane Baele.


Date: 11 May 2018

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