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Tickets are available from the River Cottage Foodfair website

Faculty and Researchers to deliver bite-size food talks at the River Cottage Food Fair

Faculty and PhD researchers from the Centre for Rural Policy Research, Department of Politics, will take part in the Food for Thought Stage on Sunday 27 May as part of the River Cottage Food Fair.

The event is an annual festival of food and our researchers are giving a series of short 5 min talks on a fascinating range of topics reflecting their own research interests, from Food Cooperatives in Times of Austerity to the Implications of Brexit for Farming, Food and the British countryside.

The line-up is as follows:

Jess Fagin (PhD researcher) - The rising popularity of black pudding in the UK

Emma Pilgrim (Research Fellow) - How forest gardens are providing new food sources

Adrian Colston (PhD researcher) - The state of hill farming on Dartmoor

Rachel Pinnock (PhD researcher) - How food awards are shaping regional food economies

Celia Plender (PhD Researcher) - The changing place of food cooperatives in times of austerity

Harry West (Director CRPR) - How remembering foods from the past can repair generational divides

Matt Lobley (Director CRPR) - The implications of Brexit for farming, food and the British countryside

More details of the talks can be found on the River Cottage website.


Our representatives will also be promoting the Centre for Rural Policy Research  as well as the new MA Food Studies

Tickets are available from the River Cottage Foodfair website

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