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ISIS Propaganda: A Full Spectrum Extremist Message

Stephane Baele and Travis Coan co-edit new book exploring ISIS Propaganda

Dr Stephane BaeleDr Katharine Boyd and Dr Travis Coan have published a new book.

ISIS Propaganda: A Full Spectrum Extremist Message offers a comprehensive overview and analysis of the Islamic State's use of propaganda. Combining a range of different theoretical perspectives from across the social sciences, and using rigorous methods, the authors trace the origins of the Islamic State's message, laying bare the strategic logic guiding its evolution, examining each of its multi-media components, and showing how these elements work together to radicalize audiences' worldviews.

This volume highlights the challenges that this sort of "full-spectrum propaganda" raises for counter terrorism forces. It is not only a one-stop resource for any analyst of IS and Salafi-jihadism, but also a rich contribution to the study of text and visual propaganda, radicalization and political violence, and international security.

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