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Academic Life and Interdisciplinarity: Learning from Experience

After a 50-year distinguished career at Exeter, our friend and colleague, Professor Iain Hampsher-Monk retired last academic year. In his honour, the Centre for Political Thought has organised a two-day event with the support of the Department of Politics, the SSIS Graduate School and Imprint Academic.

The event reflects and celebrates Iain’s contribution to the life of our University both as a scholar of political thought, and as a professional academic. “Academic life and interdisciplinarity: Learning from experience” gathers together academics and non-academics who have a connection with Iain and Politics at Exeter. It asks them to reflect on the place of “political thought” amongst the academic disciplines, and on the many aspects of the life of an academic. It also provides the opportunity for an older generation of academics to reflect on their experience and the future of the Universities in dialogue with younger colleagues and research postgraduates.

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