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Booking Now! EASE working group to host Human Behaviour Change for Animals conference

On 20 - 21 October 2018, the EASE (Exeter Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics) working group will be hosting the conference ‘Taking HBCA from Principles to Practiceorganised by Human Behaviour Change for Animals (HBCA)

The field of HBCA aims to make the world a better place for animals, by better understanding the motivations behind human behaviour and considering what drives humans to make behavioural changes. 

The emphasis of this conference is on workshops and activities, exploring different aspects of human behavioural change, particularly in ‘real-life scenarios’ (from principles to practice). There will also be opportunities for participants to develop their network of contacts. 

The conference will include a program of EASE working group events, including: Michelle Whitham Jones (EASE) facilitating a workshop entitled 'To Click or not to Click; that is our question?'. Professor Samantha Hurn (EASE) and Dr Fenella Eason (EASE) will run sessions on disenfranchised grief and the importance of mourning animals. In addition, there will be an EASE workshop on the ethics of stray animal management. 

There will be a plenary talk by Dr Anne McBride (University of Southampton) on ‘The Psychology of Behaviour Change - why, where and how?’, with other speakers to be announced shortly. 

This event is supported by sponsors including: The Donkey Sanctuary, Cats Protection, IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and the Change For Animals Foundation. 

For more information, please contact: 

Date: 31 August 2018