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SPA postgraduate organises an Experts Meeting to discuss the use of the electric-shock weapon the TASER™ in the UK.

Abi Dymond, who is researching Security, Conflict and Justice, worked with her supervisors at Exeter, Professor Brian Rappert, and the University of Bristol, as well as with the Criminal Justice Centre at Queen Mary, University of London and with colleagues at the South  West  Doctoral  Training  Centre, to bring together a wide range of participants.  The event, held at Queen Mary, University of London, was attended  by representatives  from  the Association of Chief Police Officers, the  College  of  Policing, the Police Federation, the  Home Office, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the Scientific Advisory Committee on the Medical Implications of Less Lethal Weapons and medical professionals, the Independent Police Complaints Commission and from relevant companies and NGOs, as well as  academics, lawyers  representing individuals subject to  TASER, and  TASER  officers and trainers.

Download a ‌ about the event, which was funded by the ESRC via the South West Doctoral Training Centre.