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The GSI aims to find "networked solutions to complex global problems” 

Nine new staff join Global Systems Institute

A University of Exeter research institute has been boosted by the arrival of nine new staff.

The Global Systems Institute (GSI) has welcomed the new researchers, who will each work one day a week alongside their existing roles at the Met Office.

The appointments will strengthen ties with the Met Office and boost both knowledge and cooperation in the GSI and the wider University.

They bring expertise on a variety of subjects, ranging from government policy and climate computer models to the impacts of climate change on human migration.

“We are delighted to welcome our new staff,” said GSI director Professor Tim Lenton.

“The Global Systems Institute is uniting a trans-disciplinary group of researchers, educators and partners.

“Joint appointments such as these, with the Met Office, help us build the kind of collaborations we need to come up with networked solutions to complex global problems.”

The new staff are Helen Webster, Karina Williams, Catherine Bradshaw, Rob Chadwick, Kirsty Lewis, James Manners, Doug McNeall, Niall Robinson and Andy Wiltshire.

Dr Robinson said: “I'm excited about joining the Global Systems Institute so I can work on research which spans disciplines – I think this is where the most interesting research is happening now.

“Working at the University will allow me to carry out some really ambitious research which can then feed into my work at the Met Office, where I can work on some real-world applications.”

Dr Catherine Bradshaw: “I am delighted to have become one of the new joint Met Office/GSI lecturers.

“For the topic of food security, and for one of my interests in particular – in monitoring crop pests and diseases – it’s an exciting opportunity to join up the cutting-edge research of the University with the possibility of turning that science into new operational systems at the Met Office.”

Date: 19 February 2020