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Dig for Victory or work together in a common cause? Michael Winter presents some food security challenges to the Women’s Food & Farming Union Conference on 12 April 2012

Professor Winter’s talk, entitled The Challenge: Food security and sustainability, outlines the strengths of, and challenges faced by, the Food Security & Land Research Alliance between the Universities of Exeter and Bristol and Rothamsted Research.   Given that global food security is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity, fundamental research is needed in plant and animal science, sustainable agriculture, land use and ecosystem services – all disciplines embraced by the Alliance.

Michael considers the nature of these challenges in a UK context, taking the audience through a brief history of British self-sufficiency from 1750 to date.

Opened by Baroness Byford, the three day conference is well attended.  Other speakers include representatives from DEFRA, LEAF, Bicton College and the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital; also experts from industry, the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales  and SW  MEP Richard Ashworth. 

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