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Emeritus Professor receives Award for Excellence

Emeritus Professor John McInerney was presented with an Award for Excellence for outstanding contribution to the profession at the 86th Agricultural Economics Society Conference held at Warwick University in April.

In bestowing the Award the Society described John as one of the last great agricultural economists and the foremost mentor and tutor to the British profession for the last 20 years.  The citation noted that his outstanding contribution to the profession was illustrated by recent services to Defra on two potentially controversial issues (animal welfare and bovine TB).  The Society recognised also that his outstanding contribution should not be measured by conventional citation indices, publication records and grant awards.  Rather the careers of those who were fortunate enough to be one of his students or colleagues are testimony to his contribution.  He not only knows and fully understands what economics does to help understand the world, but also has an intimate understanding of the industry and sector to which his economics has been applied.  "By his intellectual seed shall ye know him".