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Just Published - The Land Between the Moors

Running to 15 chapters and 400 pages, this book publishes the results from a wide spectrum of research undertaken in the land between Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor, covering both natural and social sciences. It is illustrated throughout with James Ravilious photographs from the Beaford Archive. As the lead editor, Michael Winter who lives in West Devon, explains in his foreword to the volume, the book is “a homage to a place that has been both home and the object of intellectual curiosity for so long.”    



1 Introduction

Michael Winter, Robert Fish, Tim Wilkinson and Matt Lobley

Section 1 Where and What is the Land between the Moors

2 The land between the moors: a place betwixt and between

Tim Wilkinson and Michael Winter

3 Searching for an image: the case of the land between the moors

Peter Howard

4 The North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Nick Kirsop-Taylor, Andy Bell and Tim Wilkinson

5 Badger: a short story

Jane Feaver

Section 2 Agriculture and Environment: Past and Present

6 An historical perspective on agricultural change in the land between the moors

Michael Winter

7 The foot and mouth epidemic of 2001 and its legacy

Michael Winter

8 Creating a living landscape in the Culm

Richard E. Brazier, Peter Burgess, and Alan Puttock

9 The role of the Culm landscape in the development of a wetland ecosystem services assessment tool: a review of 14 years of EC funded research in the land between the moors

Edward Maltby and Martin Blackwell

10 Catchment-sensitive farming in the Taw

Charlotte Chivers and Adrian Collins

Section 3 People in a Place

11 The people between the Moors: community and continuity in a changing world

Claire Kelly, Malcolm Cowburn and Sophie McCormack

12 The photographs of James Ravilious: the archive as evidence in documenting rural life and work

Martyn Warren, Claire Kelly and Liz Nicol

13 Creative exchanges: an exploration of children’s perceptions of the Culm through arts-based learning

Robert Fish, Andrew Church and Caroline Preston

14 Tourism between the moors

Tim Wilkinson, Carolyn Petersen and Ian Merrell

15 The changing face of religion in rural Devon

Michael Winter

Date: 28 March 2022