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Results of CRPR research presented in Europe

Paul Brassley has recently visited Belgium and Sweden to present the results of a CRPR recently completed major ESRC research project.  The project was entitled Technical Change in British Agriculture: Innovation in the Farming of South West England 1935-1985.  

Paul presented two seminars on the results of the project's investigations at the Interfaculty Centre for Agrarian History, University of Leuven, Belgium, and the Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala.

You can see other seminars in the series and download Paul's presentation at the ICAG web page.

Whilst in Sweden Paul also gave a paper on 'Agriculture: Reading, Writing, Reflection' as part of a seminar on a new international text book entitled World Agriculture: How it works globally and at farm level.  The seminar was held at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture & Forestry in Stockholm.


28 October 2013