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Exeter dementia researchers are inviting members of the public to a research open day

Dementia experts invite public to research open day

Members of the public are being invited to a free event in Exeter on Friday 15 June, to learn more about dementia and the latest research underway in the South West to tackle the condition.

The event, organised by members of the Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) South West Network Centre, will feature talks from globally-distinguished academics and doctors at the forefront of dementia research. There will also be an opportunity to network with the scientists.

Those speaking at the event include Professor Clive Ballard, Executive Dean of the University of Exeter Medical School, who is working to establishing how the choices we make can help to maintain brain health in old age. Other speakers include Dr Ray Sheridan, Consultant Physician at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, who will discuss the different types of dementia and the biological clues that could help diagnose people with the condition earlier. Dr Rebecca Smith, Research Fellow at the University of Exeter Medical School, will be discussing how our genes contribute to our risk of the condition. Attendees will have the chance to put their questions to the scientists, with part of the day set aside for discussion.

Jennifer Imm, organising member for ARUK’s public open day at the University of Exeter, said: “Dementia is becoming an increasing burden on society and public health with an estimated one in 14 people over the age of 65 currently being diagnosed. However, there is currently no way of slowing or stopping the disease progression. ARUK’s public open day gives us a fantastic opportunity to highlight the cutting-edge dementia research we do here in Exeter and across the South West. We hope many people come along to hear about the latest breakthroughs being made in research.”

Dementia affects over 850,000 people in the UK, including over 85,000 in the South West. The condition, most commonly caused by Alzheimer’s disease, affects people’s ability to remember, think, plan and communicate. Sadly, while there are treatments that can help with the symptoms, there is currently no way to slow or stop the diseases that cause dementia.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity. They fund more than £31 million of dementia research across the country, including over £1 million at the University of Exeter. This funding is helping scientists to better understand the diseases that cause dementia and develop new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat the condition.

The free event is being held from 10:00am-3:45pm on Friday 15 June at the XFI Building, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter, EX4 4ST. Refreshments and lunch will be provided. To book your place, please visit:

Date: 8 June 2018