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NICE has published new guidance on support for people living with dementia

Exeter professor inputs into new NICE guideline

NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has published a new guideline on assessment, management and support for people living with dementia and their carers.

Professor Linda Clare, who was a member of the multidisciplinary committee that wrote the new guideline, said:

“It is 10 years since the last guideline so this new version captures important developments and suggests some vital improvements to service provision, such as recommending that people should have a single named professional who is responsible for coordinating their care.

“It is important to make sure people with dementia, and their families, get the support they need. Good-quality support should be accessible to everyone, wherever they live. This guideline provides essential guidance for services and practitioners, based on a thorough analysis of all the research evidence. It will help ensure that people with dementia and their families receive the care and support they need to ‘live well’ with the condition.”

Other changes to the guideline include:

  • Additional face-to-face training to staff that provide care or support to people with dementia
  • Taking an additional history at the point of initial assessment from someone who knows the person in question well
  • Making people with dementia aware of the research they could take part in.

You can read the guideline on the NICE website by clicking here.

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Date: 20 June 2018