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Two minute videos

Our work in a nutshell: get a two-minute briefing on our researchers' work.

Two-minute tours of ESI research

A new series of two-minute videos, now available via the University’s YouTube channel, gives ESI researchers a unique opportunity to explain their work.

The videos highlight the full scope of the ESI’s cutting-edge, interdisciplinary work, ranging from Professor Katrina Brown’s work on communities’ resilience to climate change, to ’s work on bacterial mining and Professor Stuart Townley’s explanation of the centrality of mathematics to all that we do.

They, along with researchers discussing their work in, among other topics, ecology, clean energy, politics, sustainable fisheries and the creative arts, give an insight into the sheer breadth of work currently taking place within the ESI.

ESI Director, Professor Kevin J Gaston, said: “A lot of the time, we as academics are necessarily busy researching, reviewing, teaching  and publishing. Without meaning to, it can be easy to neglect that part of our work which is about engaging with a broader public and telling people, clearly and accessibly, what we do, why we do it, and how it benefits our local communities as well as the wider world. Projects such as these short videos are an excellent way to provide answers to these questions.”

Discussions have already begun about new, longer videos which will focus on how the ESI engages with local businesses and benefits the local environment.

Date: 29 September 2014