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The effects of light pollution will be the subject of one of the day's talks. Image by James P. Duffy.

A day on the downs

Two Creative Affiliates based in the ESI – Sara Bowler and Elizabeth Masterton – have played a central part in the creation of Goonhilly Village Green, which will appear on Saturday 26 September 2015 for one day, on the National Nature Reserve at Goonhilly Downs on the The Lizard Peninsula.

The temporary ‘village green’ is the result of collaboration between local artists, organisations and businesses; it’s located across the boundaries of five local parishes, drawing a wide range of visitors to explore the astounding natural environment, Earth Station structures, WW2 ruins and ancient archaeology. The project is a place of assembly for locals and visitors alike: a common ground where people can gather to meet, talk, learn and play.

The project will offer the opportunity to learn more about the site, to explore art, science, history and nature through a programme of walks, talks, film screenings and workshops inspired by Goonhilly.

Elizabeth Masterton explains: "Goonhilly has always been a place of experiments. It has many stories: of telecommunications, archaeology, ecology, geology, heritage, social history, agriculture, engineering and astronomy, amongst others."

Sara Bowler adds: "Through a Creative Exchange residency at the ESI, we’ve learnt about recent cutting-edge experiments on Goonhilly. We want to unite this academic knowledge with the real-life stories of those who understand Goonhilly in other ways."

ESI researchers Dr Jonathan Bennie and Dr Caitlin DeSilvey will be directly involved at the public event, sharing their understanding, knowledge and research questions with members of the audience.

Sara Bowler adds: "If you have a story about Goonhilly and would like to share it, or if you’re just curious to know more, please come along and join us".

Much more information is available from the event's website.

Date: 21 September 2015