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To Eland back.

Field Course Fortnight

Four ESI academics are laughing in the face of back-to-work blues by involving themselves in the Penryn Campus’s Field Course Fortnight. They are part of an exercise encompassing 290 students, 27 academics and five locations: the Bahamas, Borneo, Kenya, South Africa and Tenerife. 

 ,  , Steve Votier and   are, along with their colleagues in the Centre for Ecology and Conservation, leading under- and postgraduates on courses designed to help them better understand conservation biology, animal, marine and seabird ecology, conservation management strategies, human-wildlife interactions, environmental processes, animal communication and group dynamics in mammals, birds, and insects. They will also be gaining insights into the sometimes conflicting demands of conservation and tourism, as well as the evolution of biodiversity and plant-pollinator interactions.

In addition to the actual research they’re undertaking, students and academics are recording their impressions and experiences via dedicated Twitter feeds for each location and by writing blogs and creating vlogs for a site specially set up for the purpose. All of these can be found on Field Course Fortnight which will grow, over the next two weeks, into a detailed record of an amazing experience, so do keep checking back.

Date: 5 January 2015