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The event will feature a series of short talks outlining some of the innovative research taking place at the Institute.

Free interactive public event at Exeter’s Living Systems Institute

People of all ages will be given a fascinating insight into some of the pioneering research taking place at the University of Exeter’s Living Systems Institute at a special public event.

Some of Exeter’s world-leading scientists will host a number of lively, fun, and interesting family-friendly events at the LSI Opening Evening, held on June 20th from 5-9pm.

The event, which marks the 2nd anniversary of the LSI’s official opening, will feature a series of short talks outlining some of the innovative research taking place at the Institute.

There will also be a range of hands-on workshops and activities for both children and adults of all ages, including a scientific drawing workshop, as well as a tour of some of the state-of-the–art facilities.

Admission to the Open Night is free, and food and drink will be available and live music will also be performed.

Dr Wolfram Möbius, a Research Fellow at the LSI and one of the event’s organisers said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to open our doors to the public for this event.

“As well as showcasing some of the innovative work taking place here, we also hope that it will help inspire the next generation of scientists to come and study and work here at Exeter, and in the LSI.

“It promises to be a wonderful event, with a range of talks, demonstrations, activities, and tours that all highlight the broad range of research taking place here at the LSI.

“Visitors can see demonstrations of research involving bacteria and algae, hear about some of the research work taking place in the Artic, and even see the new electron microscope and laser labs.”

The £52 Million LSI is a truly inter-disciplinary endeavour that brings together clinician scientists with engineers, physicists, mathematicians, cell biologists, molecular geneticists and a whole string of other disciplines, pooling their expertise to address fundamental questions about the causes of disease.

Roo Haywood Smith, the Living Systems Institute Manager, added: “We are really looking forward to welcoming the local community to the LSI to see at first hand some of the work being done here by our fantastic scientists.

“The LSI pioneers innovative approaches to understanding diseases and how they can be better diagnosed, and this open event will offer the ideal arena in which to showcase our research and the talented scientists who do it.”

For further details about the Living Systems Institute, please visit Living Systems Institute 

Date: 19 June 2019