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Steve West and Josh Eaton.

PhD Viva Success for Award-Winning LSI Student

Congratulations to Josh Eaton LSI PhD, Biosciences for passing his viva with flying colours.  Josh works with Dr Steven West, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and his thesis is entitled: The Mechanisms of Transcription Termination by RNA Polymerase II.

Josh expressed relief and joy at this milestone moment:  “I am so happy to have concluded this part of my studies and am grateful for the support of all at the LSI, especially Steve and the group.  They supported me throughout the whole process, especially during the Covid-related challenges and disruption we have all faced over the last 10 months.”
Steve added: “It has been a pleasure to supervise Josh, who was an excellent student and has a big future ahead of him”.
Josh will continue his research at the LSI with Dr Steve West as a Postdoc, where he will further his work on transcription - the process that extracts information from our genes.

Josh’s examiners were Dr. Ben Housden (internal) and Prof. Nick Proudfoot (University of Oxford). 

See here for an example of Josh’s prize-winning research (Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society’s Paper of the Year).

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