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Prof Grant Stentiford to be new Chief Scientist at Cefas

Prof Grant Stentiford named as new Cefas Chief Scientist

Grant Stentiford, who is an Honorary Professor with the University of Exeter and Co-Director of the joint centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Futures, has been named as the new Cefas Chief Scientist. Grant will succeed Prof. Stuart Rogers who retires in March.

Grant has worked with many colleagues at the University of Exeter over a number of years and has been instrumental in establishing both the Strategic Alliance between the University and Cefas, as well as the formation of the joint collaborative centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Futures (SAF).  

Grant is an experienced senior scientist with a background in the field of aquatic animal pathology, for which he was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in 2014. In recent years, Professors Charles Tyler and Grant Stentiford, as co-Directors of SAF, have been leading in the development and application of broader One Health approaches to sustainable aquaculture development.

The UoE Cefas Strategic Alliance Agreement has served to effectively nurture a major new cohort of PhD students, with SAF supporting those focused on aquaculture research. There have been over 45 PhD studentships with more than 60 co-supervisors from the University of Exeter, Cefas and other organisations. Through the work led by Grant and Charles, SAF seeks to further develop these collaborative partnerships, both nationally and internationally, to address the global challenges faced in aquatic animal health, food safety and protection of the aquatic environment.

Looking ahead to the role, Grant Stentiford said “I am really pleased to be taking on the role of Chief Scientist at an important moment for Cefas. Our science and the evidence and advice that underpins it is increasingly in demand to support decisions for sustainable use of aquatic resources and for addressing overarching grand challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and food, water and energy security. Cefas science, its scientists and our unique supporting infrastructure are of critical importance to Defra, wider government, and to the UK science offer as a whole, I am keen to help Cefas to continue to build and refine its narrative and where appropriate, to forge new partnerships with other organisations in the UK and overseas who share our vision and with whom we can align our capabilities to address the big issues.”

Huge congratulations to Grant!

Date: 16 January 2023