Julien Fountain with the revolutionary "Crick Attack" bowling machine

Revolutionary cricket bowling machine

A brand new bowling machine that is set to revolutionise the world of cricket was recently tried and tested in The Sir Christopher Ondaatje Devon Cricket Centre. The "Crick-Attack" is a machine that is able to bowl seam, swing and spin, without the need for major adjustments to the head unit between deliveries. This means that deliveries can be disguised which is a major advancement in the area of batting practise.


The two men responsible for importing the machine from America are Julien Fountain and Ian Pont who are both specialist cricket coaches and have worked with top international teams from around the world including the West Indies, Pakistan, England and Bangladesh. Julien explained "the machine works by having three wheels not two as with most traditional bowling machines. The positioning of the three wheels enables better grip on the ball, giving greater accuracy on release.

Catherine Dalton, Essex and England's under 18's number 1 batswomen was on the receiving end of the various deliveries and was incredibly impressed with what the machine had to offer. She said "it's like a real bowler, it makes net practise a lot closer to a real game situation. It is easy to predict each delivery with a normal bowling machine because of the positioning of the head. This machine is controlled by three dials which can't be seen when batting so I don't know what is coming." This is the most significant factor of the "Crick-Attack" - its ability to replicate all types of spin and vary deliveries without the need for major head adjustments. Ian Pont added "this is a major advancement from two wheeled machines which have not changed radically since their introduction to cricket nearly 40 years ago. No longer will the batter be able to pre-determine what is being bowled."

Julien and Ian were both extremely impressed with the cricket facilities at the University of Exeter and expressed their desire to run some children's coaching camps at the venue sometime in the near future.   

Date: 27 September 2011