Exeter City FC

Exeter City FC and the University kick off new partnership

Exeter’s football club and university have formed a new partnership designed to improve services to fans and provide vital work experience for students.

A number of initiatives have been proposed covering many different areas of the club’s operations.

Students from the College of Social Sciences and International Studies will be concentrating on the fans by trying to understand their motivations and using this insight to analyse how they then behave as customers of the club. They will also be measuring the awareness amongst the supporters of ECFC’s community engagement programme and the impact it has in the local area.

The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences will be exploring how to move the club from its mainly manually-maintained systems to web-based systems, including the possibility of an App for fans to use and e-ticketing. Irrigation and drainage improvements to the pitch at the training ground are also on the list for the engineering students.

Finally, the College of Life and Environmental Sciences will be sharing their expertise with the youth team through strength and conditioning programmes, performance analysis and sports psychology.

Paul Blackmore, Head of Employability and Graduate Development at the University commented: “Improving the employment prospects of our graduates is one of the key priorities of the University. These projects will provide our students with essential work experience whilst dealing with a commercial client and improving business processes. Making a real impact to organisations in this manner will give our students the vital knowledge they need when applying for jobs or further study.”

Julian Tagg, CEO of Exeter City FC added: “We are keen to improve things in various areas of the club and this broad-based partnership will enable us to tackle several projects at once. The University and the club have many shared objectives both within the local community, nationally and internationally. By working together we hope to raise the profile of Exeter throughout the world.”

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Date: 12 October 2011