The Velodrome - venue for track cycling at the 2012 Olympics

The sport of science

The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences are celebrating a relationship between Sport and Science in the lead-up to London 2012.

On the 17 January 2012 in the Xfi lecture theatre they will be bringing together a panel of speakers, including Exeter alumni, who are involved in the Games – both on the field and behind the scenes – to talk about their own experiences and the relationship between science and sport. Confirmed guest speakers include:


·         Piers Jones – Sports Group Manager,  London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Engineering, 1998)


·         Nick Brothers – England Hockey Goalkeeper (Exercise and Sport Sciences, 2004)


·         Nick Beasant – Athlete Services Team Leader at the Hockey Centre and England Indoor Hockey Men’s Manager (Geography, 1998)


The talk will be followed by drinks and networking, giving you the opportunity to chat with the speakers. The event is open to students from the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences and the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, as well as the Athletic Union and 14 - 18 year olds from local schools and sports clubs. They will be raising the aspirations of everyone involved by demonstrating real-world links between sport and science. To accompany the event they will be publishing a series of blogs from Exeter students and alumni involved in the Games throughout the spring and summer. For more information or to reserve a place at The Sport of Science event, please contact , alternatively Exeter students can reserve their place through The Exeter Award

Date: 14 December 2011