Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond (right) shows off her sailing skills.

Alumni luncheon funds sporting scholarship

A talented sailor is to receive a Sports Scholarship, thanks to the generosity of Exeter alumni.

The funding was raised by members of Convocation's London Branch at a luncheon hosted by Don and Sheila Cawthron at their home.

The Cawthrons – who are both alumni - have been ardent supporters of the University and its students for many years.

Holly Peterson, Head of Alumni Relations at the University of Exeter said: “We’d like to thank Don and Sheila for hosting such a wonderful fund raising event in addition to everything else they do for the University and its students.

“It is fantastic to have alumni who are such enthusiastic supporters of and ambassadors for Exeter.

“We’d also like to thank Janice Thomson who helped to organise this successful event and Convocation members for all they do for the University and students.”

Fellow alumni, mostly members of Convocation, bought tickets to attend the luncheon and the ticket sales (at a cost of £20 per head fully inclusive of all food and drink), combined with other donations, meant the luncheon raised over £1,000.

That was enough to fund the 2011/12 Sports Scholarship for talented sailor Hannah Diamond, who is a student studying Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Janice Thomson said: “It was a fabulous luncheon which everyone enjoyed.  The hosts were wonderful and the venue and food were excellent - even our 4 vegetarian members were well catered for.

“The alumni who came were very generous which has enabled us to support Hannah through the Convocation Sports Scholarship.

“It was a great way to raise valuable funding for a worthy cause.”

Sports Scholar Hannah Diamond added: “I’ve been lucky to be involved with the Sports Scholarship scheme at Exeter and this helps to fund my sailing. I’d like to thank all the alumni who have supported me in this scheme, through their generosity and hard work.

“It makes a huge difference to my training. Other help like strength and conditioning has been invaluable to my progress so far and the extra support has meant I can balance my training with my studies.”

Date: 20 January 2012