Morgan Peach was a TASS athlete at the University of Exeter

University of Exeter selected as a TASS Accredited Centre

The University of Exeter is delighted to have been selected as a TASS Accredited Centre (TAC) for the forthcoming year as part of the Sport England Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

TASS is now funded by Sport England and is a unique partnership between sport governing bodies and the Higher and Further Education sector. It aims to help student athletes balance the demands of academic life with training and competing at national and international level. As an accredited centre, the University is a principle provider of services to student athletes with key service deliverers including Ocean Physio & Rehab and Excelsior. Athletes are assigned to a TAC depending upon geographical location, with 24 institutions forming the TAC Network. A total of 350 Sport England TASS awards will be offered for 2014-15, across 27 different sports including Rowing, Diving and Tennis.

Robin Williams, former TASS athlete has high regards for the support he received at Exeter. He commented: “TASS helped considerably in the early stages of my football career. I needed to improve considerably as an athlete, both in terms of strength, fitness and robustness. TASS provided the funds to enable me to spend a significant period with a strength and conditioning coach, which I believe played a pivotal role in my selection for the London 2012 Paralympic games.”

Morgan Peach, former TASS scholar at Exeter and GBR 29er sailor added: “This summer has been a really busy sailing season, my TASS support has certainly helped my fitness and stamina.  The University of Exeter’s TASS support has been really valuable in my development and has proved to be instrumental in achieving my potential not just in sport but academically too. The pressures of a full on racing diary both home and abroad together with revision for A's exams has proved challenging and guidance from my TASS team has certainly helped with my preparation.”

Charlotte Hale, High Performance Manager (Sport) added “We are delighted to continue working with TASS at such an exciting stage in the programme's history and we look forward to welcoming the athletes to Exeter this year.”

For more information please visit the TASS website.

Date: 13 August 2014