Pongathon at the Lemmy

Pongathon comes to Exeter

Beginning with the delivery of 5 outdoor table tennis tables just in time for the arrival of new students, ready to begin their new lives here at the University of Exeter, table tennis has provided excitement throughout the term.

The tables were positioned outside various hall of residence including Birks grange, Lopes, James Owen court and Duryard, and have been used frequently all through the first term in rain, high winds and even late into the night. It has proved a very popular activity and a way for students to engage in non-competitive sport and physical activity.

As the weather has turned colder, a new style of social Table Tennis has developed, Pongathon. This started initially as a one-off social event in the Forum but quickly evolved into regular weekly sessions in the Lemmy on Tuesday evenings between 6pm and 8pm.

The level of play has been intense with match play and social play all happening next to each other to the back drop of music, lights and laughter. A Table-Tennis robot was also purchased to add some spice to the evenings which has created a ‘beat-the-beat’ mentality. The Pong-bot has had a good test, through the weekly sessions with lots of students hoping to equal the current record of 60 returns in 1 minute set early on in the first week.

“It has been great to be able to create a non-competitive highly social sporting activity and take it to the students who have embraced it and really enjoyed the opportunity. The robot has added extra spice and to play in a social space with light and music has created an incredible atmosphere. I’m sure Pongathon will go from strength to strength as it has in other Universities in the country” Paul Mouland, Wellness Officer (Sports Office)

Pongathon was set up by ex-Middlesex county table tennis player and music promoter Adrian Leigh to introduce ping pong to a new generation of socially active players, set against a backdrop of music, art and entertainment. Now into its second year, Pongathon continues to grow and develop with over thirty staff and players delivering events and training programs across the UK.

It seems social table tennis is here to stay so make it your priority to get along and give it a go through term two!

The weekly sessions will continue with further one off events in the Forum. For more information contact Paul Mouland at p.d.mouland@exeter.ac.uk or join the Pongathon Facebook page.

Date: 10 December 2014