The Hockey Varsity will offer plenty of excitement! 

Wednesday 25th Promises to be a busy Sport Wednesday!

Exeter University Men's Hockey Club and University of Exeter Ladies Hockey Club will take to the field in their respective BUCS quarterfinal Varsity fixtures. The best in the south will take on the best in the north in one huge day of knockout hockey!

With the men taking on Loughborough (unconfirmed) at 5pm and the ladies Nottingham (unconfirmed) at 3pm, this will be the best standard of hockey available on campus this year. With both the ladies and the men's squads brimming with international players, this will be the epitome of the university sporting calendar!

Exeter is additionally host to a number of Quarter Final games for Tennis, Football and Lacrosse. Lacrosse Women’s 1st team will face off against Birmingham University of Exeter grounds at Topsham, and Women’s football 1st team play Oxford University. Tennis men and women 1st teams will also compete at home this Wednesday, making use of the excellent Tennis Centre facilities.

Staff and students are warmly encouraged to show their support!

Date: 23 February 2015