Business School, Building One

Alumni volunteering hits a new high at the Business School

Exeter alumni have given more than 1,000 volunteering hours to support the Business School and its students throughout the last year, with volunteers supporting more activities than ever before, both in the UK and internationally. 

In Exeter, graduates returned to campus to give guest lectures, conduct mock interviews and take part in student led events. Ten alumni from different industry sectors attended the 2016 Business and Finance Society’s annual dinner, hosting a table of students working towards a future career in the same industry. Volunteers also flew the flag for Exeter overseas, with international alumni ambassadors volunteering their time to speak to Exeter applicants at Offer Holder Visit Days, and other’s hosting regional events for fellow alumni.

Thank you to our many volunteers whose advice, access and support is truly invaluable, we are incredibly grateful for your time and commitment. 

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