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Windsurfing catch up feature

Kieran (far left), S&C coach-Wayne (centre), Matt (far right) in the Athlete Development Centre (ADC)

Sports Scholars search-where are they now? Kieran Holmes-Martin and Matt Barton

Former Sports Scholars and Windsurfers Kieran Holmes-Martin and Matt Barton are both training full time in Weymouth as part of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) performance pathway in the podium squad and podium potential pathway squad.  We caught up with Matt and Kieran to find out what they have been up to since graduation…

  1. Following graduation what’s your journey been?

Matt: “We’re both really enjoying life post University and have dropped straight into full time training with the RYA. Living together down in Weymouth is like being back in halls and with the network of Exeter alumni who are training with the RYA it’s nice to have that support and experience around us”.

Kieran: “It’s been an easy transition to windsurfing full time as its pretty similar to being part of the High Performance Programme (HPP) but with a lot less travelling and without the studying! The S&C support we had in Exeter with Wayne has prepared us really well for full time sailing and we’ll definitely keep coming back to visit”.

2. What are your sporting and non sporting goals?

Kieran: “Sporting wise I think both of us are initially looking to the Worlds in 2018, with Tokyo 2020 as the long term aim. Day to day it’s about committing to training full time and maximising our time on the water”.

Matt: “Non sporting wise we are pretty varied I’m learning to code and Kieran is learning the guitar! It’s good to have something different to focus on other than windsurfing at times and something to practice in our spare time”.

3. If you could give any advice to an incoming 1st year High Performance athlete at the University of Exeter what would it be?

Matt: “Definitely don’t pass up on an opportunity. There are so many things you can get involved in whilst at University and the support services available as part of HPP allow you to train almost like a full time athlete”.

Kieran: “Work does build up particularly in 3rd year so best to get it done early. I think as well within both performance sport and academics improvements can feel slow but it does get there over time”.

 Windsurfing is recognised as one of our 9 focus sports within Sailing and all top level windsurfers are supported as part of our High Performance Programme. This gives student athletes access to a comprehensive support services package to help them achieve academically and within their sport whilst at University.

Date: 23 October 2017