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Ocean physio pitchside feature

Ocean Physio pitch side with University of Exeter Women's Rugby Club

Spotlight on support service providers - Ocean Physio and Rehab

Ocean Physio and Rehab have been an integral part of High Performance Sport at the University of Exeter for many years, working very closely with the Strength and Conditioning (S&C), High Performance and technical coaching teams. 

All physiotherapists at Ocean Physio and Rehab are Chartered and registered with The Health Professions Council, with a passion for working within Sport. At the start of what promises to be a busy pre-season we caught up with Clinical Director of Ocean Physio and Rehab Andy Larmour….

1)      What do you enjoy most about working with student athletes?

"We love working with student athletes at the University of Exeter. It's great to work with dedicated athletes, S&C coaches and technical coaches who take performance and training seriously".

2)      What does a standard day look like for a physio working with student athletes?

"Part of the beauty of working within the High Performance Programme is the variety of our work. Typical sessions include physio triage, injury prevention workshops, pitch side work, recovery group work, stability sessions, injury management, working alongside S&C coaches, team meetings, concussion management and discussion with other physios within the Ocean Physio team regarding the HPP athletes we are treating and monitoring".

3)      What would you recommend to student athletes to help them to stay injury free?

"Working with the support teams available at the University to build strength and fitness to manage the increased workload required at the High Performance level. Listening and acting on the advice, equipment and facilities available to maximise recovery".

4)      If a student athlete on the High Performance Programme gets injured whilst training or competing what support is available?

"Most importantly see a Physio as soon as possible. Physios are available pitch side and physio triage sessions are available daily. Appropriate management in the first 48 hours maximises recovery".

5)      How do you monitor student athletes return to play?

"Student athletes are carefully monitored following injury on a seven point return to play scale, this is shared with the support team to ensure athletes return gradually and progressively, to minimise time away from competitive action".

For further information regarding Ocean Physio and Rehab please visit their webpage.

Date: 29 August 2017